Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks

In a couple of days we'll be gathering around the dining table with family and friends to feast on turkey and all the trimmings.  Let's remember to share our bounty with those less fortunate and to thank the Lord for all of our blessings.

I'm especially thankful for my family and our good health.  I'm thankful that my parents are still enjoying life in their 80's.  I'm thankful that my children and grandchildren live close by and I get to see them frequently.  This year my son-in-law's family will be joining us for dinner.   My table is already set and I'll be cooking all day on Wednesday so that I can enjoy everyone on Thanksgiving Day.

I hope your Thanksgiving Day is full of joy and gratitude. 


Thursday, November 11, 2010

I love duvet covers. They act as bedspread, quilt and blanket all in one. A duvet is the quilt that is inserted into the cover. It's usually white and covered with an inexpensive cotton or cotton blend fabric. A lightweight duvet can be used in warm months and a denser one in the winter. The duvet cover can be coordinated with the rest of your bedroom, and because the insert can be changed with the seasons there is no need for multiple coverlets. Thus, saving money and doesn't that sound like a good idea!