Monday, March 1, 2010

Color Predictions for 2010

According to Pantone, turquoise is the Color of the Year for 2010. Of coarse, not everyone will want to use turquoise so here are some other colors to look for that will give your home a fresh new look........

Yellow has been popular for a very long time and will continue to be, but, it will be a little brighter.

As many of my clients know, a true blue has been hard to find over the last few years. That will be changing and blue will be seen more over the next year..

Red, another popular color, will have more purple and blue tones.
Lavenders and purples including eggplant are becoming more popular. In the past they were used as accents and in bathrooms. Now they are being used for bedrooms and are moving into the living areas of the home.
Greens will be more of a leaf green.

In the pattern category geometric patterns have been used a lot in the last few years and will still be seen. Instead of the hard edges usually associated with geometrics the new ones will have softer edges. And, one of my favorites, paisleys are back! Many younger homeowners like traditional looks, but, don't want their home to look old fashioned. This problem is being solved by introducing traditional designs and classic patterns in larger scale. This will make them less formal and give them an updated look.

It takes about twelve months before the full results of a color prediction can be analyzed. Some years the public embraces the new colors and styles and other years the predictions fall short. As a designer I get excited every time a new color or pattern is introduced. Homeowners will have the choice of deciding what colors and patterns they like. The fun part is the anticipation and experimenting with the new.

Don't take color too seriously. Have fun with it, experiment and live with what you love!

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