Monday, June 14, 2010

Outdated Bathroom

This 9' x 7' master bathroom hasn't been remodeled in over thirty years. With another bathroom being back to back with this one, there is not room to expand. There is an adjacent dressing area with a sink/vanity and two small closets that adjoins the bedroom. Without encroaching on the bedroom space there is nowhere to add more closets.

Most homes being build today have very large bathrooms and huge walk in closets. I can understand the large closets (women never have enough closet space), but how much space do you really need in a bathroom. We're going to turn this small bathroom into one that will serve all the homeowners needs and add some luxury items to make it feel like a mini spa.

Here are some pictures of day one of demolition.

Shower as it previously existed and shower last thing standing after first day of demolition. In the demolition photo you can see the pipes on the left where the dressing room vanity was located.

Vanity and tub removed

Tub gone and wall to linen closet being removed. The door to the linen closet was on the dressing room side.

Vanity and toilet removed


  1. I look forward to following this transformation! Having remodeled my master bath, I can attest that (1) it is completely worth the inconvenience and expense; and (2) you don't need a huge space to have a room that makes a huge impact. I know you will get the most out of this space for these homeowners, Connie.

  2. It's been a challenge, but, I think we have come up with something that will be very functional as well as pleasing to the eye.

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