Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Opportunity for a Fresh Start

Every New Year's Day I take down the Christmas decorations while my husband watches football games.  On January 2 when I walk around the house it seems very bare.  The sparkle and ambiance that the decorations created are gone and the rooms feel void of warmth.  I find this a good time to re-evaluate my decorating choices and especially the choice and placement of accessories.

In my opinion this is the best time of year to make changes in the home.  As I mentioned, taking down decorations seems to leave a void and most everyone has an attitude of looking forward and making life changes at the start of the new year.  In many parts of the country we're stuck inside for much of the winter because of the weather.  As long as we're stuck in the house we can take that time to try new furniture arrangements, remove old accessories and replace with something totally different or take items from one room and try them in a different room.

It's easy to be creative when putting out the Christmas decorations because they're only temporary.  If people use this same approach when decorating their homes, they may be pleasantly surprised with the rooms they create.  My only hope would be that they don't get too creative and end up with something that lacks good taste and balance. 

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