Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not Your Traditional Swags

Swags and cascades are thought of as a very tradtional look. As you can see from these photos, they can have a more modern look. A neutral fabric was chosen to compliment the neutral colored furnishings. Rather than being pleated in the traditional style the swags and cascades were gathered to give them a more natural and casual look. The last photo shows a treatment with the lines of a swag treatment, but with a flat panal in the center. This simplifies the treatment and makes it a perfect choice for the bathroom.


  1. Yes, this is the look you were trying to describe to me for my kitchen window. And haven't I heard somewhere that a picture is worth a thousand words? I now can totally visualize that more casual look. Still have the fabric and haven't cut into it, so I can now get to work with great confidence. Thanks!
    Sue B.

  2. Sue, I'm so glad these photos helped you visualize your own window treatments. That's one reason I decided to start this show the posibilities. Connie