Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simple Solutions

Color adds so much to a room yet many people are afraid to use it on the walls. This dining room had white walls and no character. The homeowner's favorite colors are in the burgandy/purple family. The room is small and using the color on all walls would have closed it in so we painted the focal wall, the one that is viewed when first entering the room. It brings some drama as well as warmth to the room.

With multiple shelves it's tempting to over accessorize. With these shelves we carefully chose items that had different textures and sizes, but, that were complementary in coloring. They were stategically placed for balance. The clock over the TV acts as a cohesive element and lets the eye flow easily from the left shelf to the right. And, by the way, this living room is adjacent to the dining room pictured above. The connecting wall is painted the same violet on the living room side.


  1. Hi Connie,

    These pictures speak a 1000 words...or however that saying goes! The accent wall is a really great idea that I'll have to think about in my dining room. Glad you pointed me to your blog!


  2. Thanks, Caren, I hope you visit again.

  3. Beautiful color & pictures. You can paint the walls of your bathroom for practically nothing - just the cost of a can of paint, a roller and a paint brush!