Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Days

I got up today to see a decorated landscape. It's ironic that yesterday I sent out my newsletter titled "Don't Use This Color". The color I was referring to is white. Yes, white is beautiful in nature, but, doesn't make much of an impact on interior decor unless you are using a black and white scheme. In Japan white symbolizes death, in eastern cultures it symbolizes coldness and sterility. When everything in nature is covered with snow it looks pure and feels peaceful.
In interior spaces cream and green can create feelings of calm. Some shades of blue are calming also.


  1. Lovely photos, especially of the River Birch bark. I used to use this tree all the time, but tired of all the mess it drops in the summer. Winter, on the other hand is a different story!

  2. Dan, The River Birch trees are pretty. It's not big enough yet to leave a mess; but, I can't imagine it being more messy than our Zelcovia trees.