Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Artificial Christmas?

When decorating my home for Christmas most of the greens inside are artifical and the outside greens are real.  I do this because I know the greens outside will stay fresh because of the cold and those inside won't wilt because of heat and lack of water. 

For years I frolicked (I like that word, it sounds Christmasy) through fields of trees looking for the perfect one to decorate.  It was fun when my children were young and we made it a family affair.  After they grew up it wasn't as much fun going by myself (my husband went once and that was enough for him).  Then one year I awoke to tiny little spiders all over the walls and ceiling.  Apparently, one had built a nest in the tree and the warmth of the house produced all the little ones!  That was the last year for a live tree.

I've been wondering what decorations will look like years in the future.  When I was growing up I didn't know anyone who had an artifical tree.  Well, I take that back, once my mother bought a silver tinselly looking tree.  (She read a lot of women's home magazines with so called cutting edge ideas.)  Another time she went out in the woods and picked up a large branch that had fallen off a tree, took it home and spray painted it gold, then proceeded to put lights and balls on it.  She placed it in front of the picture window where everyone passing by could easily see it.   As a teenage, I was mortified!  My brother and sister and I protested so much that she has never attempted any unusual decorating since.

In the 19th centuy:
          All the Christas trees were live........now many are artificial     
          Candles were placed on trees......today we use electric lights
          Live holly decorated the home.....in modern times holly is red plastic with a foam core
          Pine cones were gathered from the woods.....resin pine cones sprayed with cinnamon scent are sold in bags.
          Waxed candles burned brightly.....now we can use battery operated faux candles.

Fifty years from now will all of the decorations we use be artifical?  Will anyone even remember when live/real decorations were used?  With the advancement of technology and modern manufacturing the "natural" factor is being taken out of so many things in our lives.  I hope we don't get too far from nature and remember that we are human and humans thrive and are happiest when connecting on a personal level and surrounded by nature.

                                                                        AND A
                                           MERRY CHRISTMAS FILLED WITH LOVE

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