Monday, December 20, 2010


It's five days till Christmas.  I'm ready except for a few minor things.  I always do this.  Each family member gives me a wish list at Thanksgiving time. I choose what I want to give them, do the shopping (hopefully, early) and then proceed to wrap.  Each person usually has the same number of gifts to open and approximately the same dollar amount is spent on each person.

Somehow, I always fall short with someone.  Then I find it necessary to go out and buy another gift.  Fortunately, this time it should be easy to purchase what I want.  Also, I'll make sure I'm at the store in the morning when the doors open.

My decorating is done and some of the baking is done.  Christmas Eve is always at my house.  We have dinner, open presents and go to church.  I have to admit that last year I was so tired and everyone was in such a rush that we never made it to church.  Most of the time my family comes for Christmas dinner.  This year my son & his fiance are having an open house on Christmas Day so I get to relax on that day.  On Sunday we're invited to a cousin's house for lunch.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend!

Here's a glimpse at Christmas in my house......

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