Friday, July 16, 2010

Bathroom Update, end of week 4

We've reached the end of week four and the end is in sight. All of the tile has been installed and grouted. The vanities are set and the counter tops will be installed next week. The week didn't go by without a glitch or two, but, everything worked out. At least we didn't lose a cat.
What does a cat have to do with remodeling, you ask. The contractor told me today that he had been working on another bathroom while the owner was away. He tore up the floor, replaced pipes, etc., and replaced the floor. When the homeowner returned from vacation he asked if the contractor had seen the cat, the answer was no. To make a long story short the contractor left the door to the bathroom open when he left the home and before he closed up the floor. The cat entered the bathroom and crawled under the floor. So when the flooring was put back into place the cat was trapped in the walls. He was so quiet they had no idea where he was so they just punched a big hole in the ceiling below and eventually the cat got out.
Moral of this story....when you're remodeling keep an eye on your cat.

This is the dressing room/closet area that will have a closet system installed.

Vanity is set in place and the shower stall is ready for the glass enclosure.

Wall tile finished.

Floor done and grouted.


  1. Love the colors in this space, especially the way the listel blends yet defines the tile above and below. And the built-in shelves are so functional. Looks great; can't wait for more picturs.

  2. Hi Connie!
    I enjoyed this post because I have cats and I am going away next week and my contractor will be here working on my bathroom! I'll make sure he does a head count before he leaves!

    Love how the bath is taking shape!

  3. oooh - so beautiful. I bet the planning was great fun. It is going to be so pretty! Are you putting in a little chandelier?

  4. Delicate pictures.You would be surprised at just how much of a difference changing out your accessories can make! Consider a new shower curtain, bath rug and toilet lid.