Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chandeliers in the Bathroom

Browsing through magazines recently I've noticed a lot of photos of bathrooms with chandeliers. The bathrooms showcased are usually opulent and large in size. I started to think about the bathrooms in my friends and clients homes and the lighting fixtures they have used. The majority of the bathrooms have the standard lighting that is specified by a contractor or what is shown under bath lighting in catalogs.

I'd like for homeowners to start thinking outside the box and be a little creative. Adding a chandelier to your bathroom or dressing room is an easy way to add some elegance to an otherwise generic space. There are many beautiful mini chandeliers that measure under 20" long. Mounted close to the ceiling they are perfect for a standard 8' ceiling and can be placed over a tub or in the center of the room.

I love the idea of starting or ending my day with a sparkling chandelier overhead.

These gorgeous bathrooms are to die for, but, a simple chandelier in a small bathrooms would be so pretty.
The bathroom on the right was designed by Nate Berkus. The other two photos are from Developing Design blog.

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  1. Brilliant idea.Chandeliers are one of the best pieces to art to decorate and beautify the rooms. They are attractive lights, which hang from the ceiling and were usually seen in houses of rich people, mansions and palaces.